When you just can’t wait for that post fuck pizza. Watch it here.

Here’s a sneaky peek from the scene we just shot with Lucas Knight and Brando Lavish. Brando’s first porn ever. He is a mega babe with preternatural talents and loved the gigantic 9 inch cock Lucas was serving. 


Billy Castro and Bianca Stone
Q: I hope you're single. You'd probably never be into me, but i think you are so sexy. I love how confident you are, and I have such a soft spot for ftms. I would message you off anon but I don't have a tumblr anymore. Anyways, i know I'm not like a sexual admirer, but I'd love to get to know you.

Yes i’m single. :)  Thank you sweet anon. And nobody knows who i’m into except me. So you never know…. 

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Q: Can we submit?

Always!!!  :)

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Q: I have a trans boyfriend, do you have any tips for sexually pleasuring him?

Everyone likes it differently. But i think all transguys love to get head. Suck him off just like you would on a cis male cock. Strap ons are amazing of course.  Basically just make him feel like the man he is :)

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Q: Mmm I'm so horny right now too... If love to be sucking you off ;)

thats what i like to hear! ;)

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Cyd Loverboy & Muscle Beach, in their super hot scene together for the Crash Pad Series!