Cyd Loverboy & Muscle Beach, in their super hot scene together for the Crash Pad Series!

I guess last year isn’t much of a throw back :PHappy Thursday!
Ps… As a trans man, this is my cock or dick or whatever… But it’s definitely not my clit.
Sunday night cum…..would be better if someone was sucking my hard cock……
Q: I am Butch lesbian and I'd so love to give you head right now.


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Q: You are so hot, but what kinda of people are you into.

Well thank you ;)   I’m into open minded people, outdoorsy people, nice people, anyone that intrigues me. I usually date women but i consider myself pansexual. 

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Q: As a female, I wanted to say how much I love this blog. My city has a wonderful LGBTQ community...but greatly lacks in FTM close to my age. I'd love to finally meet someone I'm compatible with. I just wanted to say hi, and thanks.

Thank you so much!!! Sucks there arent many FTM in your community. I know there are some transguys that dont stay in the LGBTQ circle. Live stealth. Keep looking though there are many of us out there! Glad you enjoy the blog, much love! :)

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